Divorcing in Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Family Law Attorney Nilo J Sanchez can represent you in divorce cases in multiple Tampa Bay jurisdictions. If you are anticipating a divorce, high asset divorce, high profile divorce or when you need a modification of alimony, child custody, support or time-sharing in Tampa Bay, Attorney Sanchez can assist you.

Every divorce is unique. Your divorce attorney should have extensive experience in Florida Divorce and family law. Hiring an attorney who specializes in Family Law is important, because although many divorces start out amicably, frequently high conflict matters such as asset division, child custody and other related challenges can ensue. Attorney Sanchez is solution oriented, is proven successful in negotiations and a resolute litigator. If your divorce case should go to trial, you can be confident that Tampa Family Law Attorney Nilo J Sanchez has the skill to attain your goals.

Retaining a Divorce Attorney in Tampa, FL

Retaining a Tampa divorce attorney to represent you should be well thought out. Working with the best Tampa Family Law Attorney can relieve some of the pressure that comes with divorcing. Remember, the best divorce attorney can be defined as;

An Attorney Specializing in Divorce – Not all “family law” attorneys actually specialize in divorce or family law. Hillsborough County Florida Family Law Attorney Nilo J Sanchez has been focused on Florida Family Law, particularly contested divorce and high asset divorce cases for over two decades in Tampa Bay.

Compassionate Family Law Attorney – Compassion does not minimize tenacity but it goes a long way when you are divorcing. Nilo J Sanchez understands that divorce is a life changing event for most families. The familial, social and economic challenges that can result from a divorce must be acknowledged and understood.

Personalized Service – Often times, people will choose large family law firms with teams of lawyers, paralegals and staff. If this appeals to you, then this would be the obvious choice for you to consider when hiring the best Tampa divorce attorney. However, it has been our experience that clients can sometimes feel “lost in the shuffle” when utilizing the services of larger family law firms. If you feel that the best Tampa divorce attorney is one who offers a more personalized approach to representing clients, yet who maintains a sound level of legal support and services than consider hiring Attorney Nilo J Sanchez & Associates.

Tampa contested divorce

Contested and Complex Divorces

Although our firm represents clients who are seeking a more “collaborative” approach to their divorce, there are an equal or greater number of divorcing couples who require an attorney who can represent them in more complex family law matters. Complex or “high conflict” divorces can be defined when;

  • There are high assets or high net worth
  • When one or both of the spouses are high profile figures in Tampa Bay
  • There are high conflict custody or time sharing matters that require resolution
  • One person is out of the area or from another state
  • Child or parental relocation matters must be resolved
  • There is a history of domestic abuse

Matters that Must be Settled in A Florida Divorce:

Although there are various agreements that couples can make when divorcing, Florida Divorce and Family Law sets forth matters that must be settled in a Florida Divorce. They are as follows:

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Regardless of whether your divorce or family law matter is simplified, amicable or complex, Tampa Family Law Attorney Nilo J Sanchez & Associates will be happy to consult with you about your case. To schedule an appointment, please call 813-879-4600 or click here to email us.


Nilo J Sanchez & Associates is dedicated to meeting his client’s goals in a variety of family law practice areas. Whether you are seeking a divorce or have child custody, alimony or need to relocate with a minor child, we can help. Attorney Sanchez welcomes the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your case and solutions to resolution in your family law issues.

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 A contested divorce occurs when a married couple cannot agree upon the terms of their divorce. Family law and divorce attorney Nilo J Sanchez represents clients in contested divorces in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County and Pasco County, FL. Contested divorces, particularly when high assets or custody issues are at the forefront can be difficult and emotionally taxing. Hiring the best Tampa divorce attorney who will suit your needs is crucial.

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High Asset Divorces

High asset divorces can be met with unique challenges for couples who have high net worth.  Attorney Sanchez offers discrete and professional legal representation that are focused on obtaining his client’s goals.  Skilled in Florida’s asset division law, alimony and Florida child custody law makes Attorney Sanchez a formidable opponent at the negotiating table and in litigation. Although most divorces do not go to trial and are settled out of court it is highly recommended and beneficial for your divorce attorney to have trial experience.  Attorney Sanchez is favorably recognized by both his peers and the clients he represents in divorce and family law cases in Tampa Bay. Learn More About High Asset Divorces in Florida.

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