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What used to be termed “child custody or visitation” is now typically referred to in Florida as timesharing. Shared parenting has been replaced with the assumption of sole custody and visitation. Although recommended, the courts however, do not assume to make a 50/50 presumption with regards to custody or time sharing. Attorney Sanchez has over two decades of experience as a Tampa Child Custody Attorney. His knowledge of Florida child custody laws before the change in 2008 as Family law and custody attorney Tampa, Brandon, Lutzwell as after, has afforded him extensive insight and experience in multiple jurisdictions and family law judges in Tampa Bay. Understanding how each court approaches various child custody matters is helpful to him and ultimately beneficial to the parents he represents.

Parenting Plans in Florida

In divorces or where unmarried parents have established paternity, a parenting plan becomes a part of the final court order. Parenting plans are an essential part of your divorce, child support and paternity lawsuits. The courts lean towards equal time sharing and yet they still retain the authority to award sole parental responsibility as well as sole time sharing in very extreme cases. Child custody and time sharing matters can be resolved with ease or they can become quite complex. Tampa family law attorney Nilo J Sanchez has over two decades of representing parents in the Tampa Bay and is skilled in complex child custody cases. Helping parents to negotiate parenting plans including more challenging agreements such as long distant parenting plans and time sharing can be complex. Parental relocation matters can also initiate time sharing disputes. With the help of attorney Sanchez, the challenging aspects of time sharing or custody can be minimized, thus benefiting both parent and child.

Best Interest of the Children – Florida Family Law & Time Sharing

It’s important to understand that when determining “custody” or time sharing matters, the courts are looking to the best interests of the children. As a committed family law attorney who has handled a large number of child custody cases in both divorces and in paternity cases, finding solutions to problems that accompany many child custody matters always begins with the best interest of the children. Attorney Sanchez’s experience in all areas of Florida’s child custody laws enables him to appropriately and aggressively approach difficult child custody matters. In a perfect world, both parents will agree to amicably share time and the decision making authority for the children, however it is unwise to approach every case as such. Unfortunately, complex child custody matters such as domestic abuse, unfit parenting or parental alienation must be brought before the courts for resolve. If you are fighting for your parental rights or, fighting to keep your children safe from abuse or even fighting against false accusations which could effect your time sharing, you will need a Tampa child custody attorney to advocate for you.

Parental Rights Attorney  Tampa Bay, Florida

In Florida, there are many attorneys who work solely for “father’s rights.” Attorney Sanchez is also a father’s rights advocate and will fight for fathers who wish to establish a relationship with their child or children. However, our family law firm also advocates for women’s custody rights. Making a presumption that only fathers are being denied parental rights would be disingenuous. Attorney Sanchez considers himself a Tampa child custody attorney who will fight for the “parental rights” of both men and women while focusing on the best interest of the child or children. Our law firm can help you to establish paternity, set, amend or enforce child support and timesharing orders. Once paternity is established, child support and time sharing is generally ordered.

* Update Florida Law, Father’s Rights Effective July, 2023 :  Fathers who have established legal paternity will automatically enjoy shared parental responsibility or “legal guardianship.” Other matters such as timesharingchild support, child care, medical/dental, education expenses and other issues related to the minor child must still be determined by the courts.  Physical custody is different from shared parental responsibility which ensures that both parents still have an equal say in decision-making. 


Do You Owe Back Child Support?

If you owe back child support, you cannot be denied access to your child because of this. However, child support arrears should be addressed with a Tampa child support attorney.

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