High Net Worth Divorces

The divorce attorneys at Nilo J Sanchez & Associates have the extensive legal knowledge and experience that is required to represent divorcing clients, particularly those who have high net worth. When clients who have substantial assets are divorcing in Tampa Bay, hiring a skilled, seasoned high net worth divorce attorney in Tampa can be highly beneficial.

If you or your spouse have a significant amount of assets such as stocks and bonds, businesses, property, 401Ks, IRA’s, pensions or other assets, you will most likely require the assistance of a high asset divorce attorney in Tampa, Florida.

Discrete, Professional Divorce Attorney Tampa, FL

At the Tampa Family Law Firm of Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates, we understand the extent of our clients’ concerns when they are divorcing. Financial matters such as the division of assets, alimony and child support along with custody and time-sharing can wear heavy on your mind. Maintaining privacy and hiring a divorce attorney who is discrete is frequently a top concern for our clients. Rest assured, our attorneys and staff are always discrete and highly professional. With over two decades of experience representing high net worth couples, divorce attorney Nilo J. Sanchez remains committed to providing the very best legal solutions and strategies. Helping high net worth divorcing couples move forward successfully into a new chapter in their lives is our expertise. Discretion is always of the utmost importance.

High Net Worth Divorces and Asset Division

In addition to the matters that must be settled in any divorce, high net worth divorces must include settling and dividing a large amount of assets and liabilities such as property, businesses, retirement funds, stocks, bonds and IRA’s. Alimony, child custody, time-sharing and child support must also be settled in high net worth divorces.

The task of asset division in a high net worth divorce requires a high level of intelligence, insight and steadiness from your divorce attorney. Florida law is clear about how assets are to be divided thus, your attorney should thoroughly understand Florida’s Asset Distribution Law, and know what assets are considered “equal” as well as what may be a case for unequal distribution of assets.

Marital Settlement Agreements in High Net Worth Divorces

High net worth divorces in Florida can be settled out of court by way of marital settlement agreements. Whether you choose a collaborative divorce process or not, both processes may include working with forensic accountants to establish and protect assets, valuating businesses or uncovering hidden assets.  Similar to the collaborated divorce process, negotiating marital settlement agreements serve to avoid litigation when possible. Most couples understand the costs involved in litigation, and thus they would prefer to keep their divorce out of court. Staying out of court, thus, minimizing the discovery process can be achieved by an experienced Tampa Bay divorce lawyer .  You do not have to use the collaborative process to achieve the same results. The collaborative process is one way to “amicably” settle a  high net worth divorce. However, if you and your spouse reach an impasse there are certain ramifications that may not be in your best interest. Attorney Sanchez works hard to ensure that your options remain open and your rights are protected.  With over two decades of experience representing clients in divorce and high net worth divorces in Tampa Bay, Attorney Sanchez remains a top-rated divorce attorney in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Sanchez  continues to work diligently to earn the respect of his clients and industry peers, alike.

Not All High Net Worth Divorces are Created Equal

There are a variety of aspects to consider in any divorce. The attorneys at Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates offer personalized legal strategies and solutions for divorcing couples. No divorce is the same and yet most have a tendency to be highly emotional. High net worth divorces come with specific challenges exclusive to your own circumstances. At a minimum, you may be concerned with;

Tax liabilities and implications in Florida Divorces

Spousal support (alimony) that can help you to maintain your current lifestyle

Protecting the assets that you have worked hard for all of your life

Additionally, when minor children are a factor, or where grown children are to receive assets, it can be even more worrisome. We believe that “Nothing is More Important than Your Family.” Providing our clients with the individualized support and legal expertise that will help them attain their desired goals in a high asset divorce is what we focus on.

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