Tampa Bay Child Support Lawyer

It is required by Florida law that both parents provide financial support to their children. If you are a divorcing and have minor children, child support will be calculated based on the Florida State Child Support Guidelines. The court will refer to these child support guidelines to set child support in contested divorces and when establishing legal paternity in Tampa Bay.  Each parent’s income, assets and timesharing schedule, together with the needs of the children will help the courts to determine how much child support will be ordered to be paid. There are special circumstances that allow the courts to deviate from the guidelines.

Set or Amend Child Support

Married couples and couples who have separated before their divorce is finalized child support, family law Tampa Brandon Lutzmay petition the courts for temporary relief for child support. This is important in many cases where one or the other parent is not providing for their children. If your spouse or parent of your child is not providing for the financial needs of your child or children. you may seek the assistance of a Tampa child support lawyer to advocate for you in court for Temporary Relief for Child Support.

Often times, a divorce, paternity case or child support case can take time to settle. There are many different circumstances where you will benefit from hiring a Tampa family law attorney who can expedite a child support case by filing a motion for temporary relief for child support while the case is in progress. This is important not only for the parent receiving child support, but also for the parent who will be paying child support. If you depend on your spouse or parent of your child for financial support to make ends meet, Tampa child support attorney can help you to obtain temporary relief for child support which is crucial to the well being of you and your children. If you are a parent who should be paying child support and you wait until your divorce or paternity case is finalized, this could result in your child support obligation to begin with a retroactive amount of support included. This means that your order may start out with an arrears on your support obligation. If you want to avoid problems with back due child support, it may be wise for you to hire a Tampa child support lawyer to advise you on how to proceed prior to your final settlement in a divorce or paternity case

How a Tampa Child Support Lawyer Can Help You

If you will be depending on child support to help you support your children, hiring a Tampa child support lawyer can help you to ensure that your rights are protected under Florida law. Most parents depend on the child support they receive and it is imperative that the support is set properly before your final order. Advocating your case to the courts is important for both the payor and the recipient. Once child support is ordered, it is often very difficult to modify it.

Behind on Your Child Support?

If you are already behind on your child support, it would be beneficial to consult with a child support attorney.  Nilo J Sanchez & Associates can represent you if  the State has filed a lawsuit against you for past due child support.   If  you have had a permanent and substantial change of  circumstances that may prevent you from paying your current obligation you can petition the courts for a modification of support before you become delinquent.

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