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The Importance of Establishing Paternity Florida

Paternity laws are covered under Florida statute 742.10. When children are born out of wedlock in Florida, the mother is under no obligation to offer timesharing to the child’s biological father. Aside from timesharing, there are other benefits to establishing paternity in Florida. Either the mother or a child’s biological father can initiate a paternity action in family court. Establishing legal paternity in Florida offers parents and children benefits such as;

Timesharing – Establishes a court order for  custody/timesharing. This helps to protect your parental rights.  Although you may have an amicable relationship with the parent of your child now, things can change. Without a court order, timesharing cannot be enforced.

Medical History of Biological Father – Establishing paternity allows the child access to both parent’s medical history.

Social Security Benefits – Children of parents who have established paternity are entitled to Social Security benefits as well as veterans benefits of both parents.

Insurance – Paternity must be established to cover a minor child under a father’s plan.

Child Support – In Florida, both parents are to be financially responsible for their children. When paternity is established, an order of support will most likely be set. Either parent can be ordered to pay child support in Florida.

Parental Relocation –  Mothers can relocate anywhere they choose including out of the State of Florida. They do not need the biological father’s permission or the court’s permission. This can quickly become extremely problematic for both the father and the mother as Florida  Courts do retain Jurisdiction for 6 months.

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