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Divorcing in Tampa Bay, Florida

If you want to learn more about divorcing in Tampa Bay, we offer focused insight and general informational videos on a variety of divorce and marital law topics including:

Florida Statutes in 2023 & Florida Family Law

* There were several changes to Florida Family Law Statutes in 2023. One of the changes was significant as it relates to child custody, paternity and parental responsibility. We explain the changes, and provide general guidance in a variety of child custody issues on our Tampa Family Law Attorney Youtube Channel.

Child Custody, High Conflict Co-Parenting, Your Parental Rights

Child custody issues can bring out high emotions. We offer sound, legal insight into a variety of child custody issues that parents can face when co-parenting minor children. Included is how to find resolve to violation of parenting plans, emergency pick up orders and parental relocation with a minor child.  If you would like to learn more: Recent Developments and Information – Florida Family Law in Tampa Bay.

Highlighted Short – View in Entirety: Children’s Testimony in Child Custody Cases in Tampa Bay

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