Marital Settlement Agreements

If you are divorcing in Tampa Bay and you are exploring the option of a marital settlement agreement consult with Nilo J Sanchez.

Marital settlement agreements are becoming a highly favorable option for divorcing couples. Working out the specifics of your divorce and avoiding trial allows couples to negotiate and agree to the terms of their divorce without interference. The key to utilizing this route is hiring a divorce attorney who is a skilled negotiator and mediator. Divorcing can be emotionally exhausting and even couples who truly wish to remain amicable, can become quarrelsome when the process of property settlements, custody, child support or alimony begins.

Nilo J Sanchez focuses on the best interest of his clients and their family as a whole and he has had a great deal of marital settlement agreements, Tampa divorce and family law attorneysuccess in negotiating marital settlement agreements in divorce, high net worth divorces and high profile divorces in Tampa Bay.

Unlike collaborative divorces, if you and your spouse wish to settle the terms of your divorce with a marital settlement agreement, if one or the other parties reaches an impasse, you are not obliged to seek out another attorney to represent you in trial.

Tampa Family Law & Divorce Lawyer

If your marriage is irretrievably broken and you and your spouse are seeking a Tampa Family Law and Divorce attorney to initiate a marital settlement agreement, contact Nilo J Sanchez. He can work towards representing you to attain goals that will protect your best interests and to ensure compliance with final divorce orders. Many times the terms of final orders will make it difficult for one or the other party to comply with and when this happens, you will likely end up back in court. To avoid this, Attorney Sanchez will provide sound legal advice and representation and will work together with the other party and their attorney to reach a settlement that will work to benefit his client in the short and long term.