Collaborative Divorce, Tampa Bay

If you’re wondering if a collaborative divorce might be the right choice for you, Tampa divorce Attorney Nilo J Sanchez provides some basic fundamentals in the collaborative divorce process. A collaborative property settlement agreement usually results in very positive endings. This can help couples move forward to a new chapter in their lives. If children are involved, it also tends to allow parents a better opportunity at co-parenting, because the agreement is reached very deliberately by the parties.

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Collaborative Divorce Benefits:

IACP conducted a survey of parties who went through the collaborative divorce process, and the responses are telling on the advantages: In 94 percent of these cases, the parties settled all divorce issues by agreement and did not have to go to court. Even more shocking, another 2 percent of couples reconcile their marriage.

The Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals (FACP) statistics from surveyed Florida collaborative professionals showed:

  • 92% of collaborative cases in FL completed with full agreement.
  • 95% of collaborative cases in FL completed within 1 year.
  • 84% of collaborative cases in FL completed in less than 9 months.