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Brandon Family Law Attorney

Nilo J Sanchez & Associates is a family law attorney representing clients in Hillsborough County, Florida including Brandon and Valrico, Florida.  We are conveniently located in Tampa thus, when you need to hire a top rated family law attorney in Brandon, you can do so with ease.  Our attorneys help both men and women obtain the quality legal counsel they need when they are facing challenging family law matters in Brandon, Florida.

Family law encompasses a variety of areas. The attorneys at Nilo J Sanchez and Associates focus on the following types of cases:

Divorcing in Brandon, Florida?

If you or your spouse is seeking a divorce in Brandon, Florida your case will be heard by a Judge in the 13th Judicial Circuit Court of Hillsborough County in Tampa, Florida. Our Tampa Family Law Firm is conveniently located just minutes from the courthouse on Twiggs Street and clients who have searched for a divorce attorney in Brandon often hire us to represent them. With over two decades of experience practicing Family Law in Hillsborough County we have represented many men and women from Brandon who are divorcing who purposely sought out a Brandon Florida divorce attorney. There are many reasons for this, one being that with challenging divorce cases, such as high asset divorces or contested divorces, they wanted a lawyer who has extensive working knowledge of Florida divorce law, but also one who understood the workings of each court in Tampa Bay. Although Florida divorce law is straightforward, the Judges do have leeway, thus  understanding the manner in which Judges generally handle divorce cases and how the courts operate offers value to our service and our clients.

Tampa FL Contested Divorce Attorney – Contested divorces can be challenging and unique. Our contested divorce attorneys will review your case to determine whether a more collaborative approach will be beneficial or when necessary will go to trial on your behalf.  While the majority of contested divorces will settle before going to trial, some do not. It is crucial that your divorce lawyer has trial experience and you might be surprised how many do not. No matter who you decide to retain as you go through the process of hiring a contested divorce lawyer in Brandon or Tampa, be sure to ask this question during your consultation.

High Asset Divorces –  High net worth divorces can be extremely stressful for couples and if you and your spouse has decided to divorce, or if you have been served with divorce papers and you need to consult with a  high net worth divorce attorney in Hillsborough County Florida, please contact our office. We will aggressively protect your rights and offer compassionate, quality legal counsel
Child Custody Brandon, Florida

Child Custody and Child Support in Brandon, FL

As a Tampa Child Custody Attorney with 24 years of experience in child custody and child support when you need to resolve a child custody matter we can help. Child custody challenges can be emotional at best, thus hiring an experienced, compassionate child custody attorney in Brandon is beneficial. Whether you are married and divorcing with custody issues, or unmarried and require a top rated Brandon child custody lawyer in Tampa to represent you, our firm understands the intricate aspects of both scenarios. Perhaps you are unmarried and need to establish paternity and require the courts to set and order child support. In this case our attorneys will make sure that your rights as a parent are protected and will fight to make sure that your child obtains the financial support that is required by Florida Law.

Relocating From Brandon with a Minor Child?

In Florida, you may not relocate with a minor child without first seeking the approval of the courts. If you are thinking of relocating, or you need to relocate due to an employment change or other reasons, please contact our legal experts on parental relocation. Relocation is a matter that is frequently addressed in an initial custody action or after a custody order  . Florida Statute 61.13001 specifically addresses the issue of relocation and prevents a residential parent from relocating their residence with the minor child more than 50 miles.  Unless the parties enter into a written agreement before the move or a court approves the relocation, it is unwise and unlawful to relocate. We have successfully represented clients in  parental relocation actions throughout the 13th Judicial Circuit in Hillsborough County, FL. If you need to relocate with your child or if you have been served with a petition for relocation, please contact our law firm for a free initial consultation with relocation attorney Nilo J Sanchez to learn more about your legal options.