Tampa Family law Attorneys Nilo J Sanchez & Associates represent clients who have high conflict timesharing & child custody matters that require sound solutions and resolve.  We represent parents who are experiencing family law matters that require knowledgeable, experienced child custody attorneys in Pasco, Hillsborough & Pinellas County, FL.

Tampa FL Family Law,  Child Custody/Timesharing – Have You Been Refused Access to Your Child?

If you are being refused access to your child or children, Tampa Family Law Attorneys Nilo J Sanchez & Associates offer sound legal solutions and representation to protect your parental rights.  Unfortunately, both unmarried and divorcing parents can experience high conflict timesharing situations but there are several legal actions that a mother or father can take to protect your parental rights. One solution may be to file an emergency motion with the courts. Learn more about filing a Motion for an Emergency Pick up Order of a Minor Child(ren) in Tampa by calling our office for a consultation or use the form below to reach out to our law firm.

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Because each family law case is unique, it is highly beneficial to have your questions about child custody, emergency pick up orders or other types of emergency family law orders via a thorough consultation with an experienced Tampa family law attorney. Attorney Sanchez has represented parents in high conflict child custody, timesharing and divorce matters for over 26 years in Florida. Attorney Sanchez not only has the experience you’ll need but the compassion you deserve to help you navigate through complicated family law matters that pertain to your minor children. Whether you would like to establish paternity, file for or object to a petition to relocate with a minor child or if you need to modify or enforce an existing family law order, we would like to help you.


Co-parenting has become challenging for many parents who share time. It may be beneficial to review your parenting plans and have a Tampa family law attorney make the necessary post judgement modifications that reflect any changes that are occurring. Whether you are in agreement with the other parent or not, modifying your current timesharing order to reflect any permanent and substantial changes in timesharing being made is important. Whether it’s a mutual agreement to accommodate the best interest of your children or not, modifying your court order when applicable according to Florida Law is highly beneficial.  If you are NOT in agreement with changes taking place and wish to enforce or modify timesharing, please reach out to us for a consultation.

Remember, child support is also determined by the amount of timesharing as well as the income of both parents. With many experiencing job loss, support and the percentage of time shared may have drastically changed.  Your final order should always reflect any substantial changes in finances or timesharing and modifying your orders when applicable by law is recommended so you can remain compliant.

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