Collaborative Divorce

If you opt for the collaborative divorce process, divorcing couples and their divorce attorneys take part in a dialogue that focuses on a mutually agreeable settlement. Confidential and forthright negotiations, guided by sound legal counsel can lend to a binding agreement between the two. As with any divorce process, there are pros and cons to every process. However,  for most couples, both generally want to avoid divorce litigation (going to trial). With experienced legal counsel beside you, this process can help to move you into a more safe and secure future, post divorce. If you’re interested in consulting with a Tampa collaborative divorce attorney, reach out to us below or call (813) 879-4600 to learn more.
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    More About Collaborative Divorces in Tampa Bay 
    A collaborative divorce may be better for some but not suitable at all for others. This is why the attorneys at Nilo J Sanchez & Associates PA offer flexible options for clients who are divorcing. Most Collaborative law firms in Tampa Bay often limit their divorce service areas to just one process. This means after consulting with a collaborative divorce attorney you may decide the collaborative divorce process isn’t the best option for you but it is the only option the firm offers. We focus on the uniqueness of every family law matter. That being so, we are committed to providing individualized attention as well as a variety of options that can accommodate you.
    Traditional Process and Divorce Litigation
    You may wish to enter into a more traditional divorce process in Florida where mediation and negotiations still take place. One difference is that in a typical divorce process, clients are permitted to keep their divorce attorneys should the process fail and a trial  or litigation ensues. Although most divorces settle before going to trial, there may be high conflict that prevents settlement in one or more areas. For instance, if you cannot agree on alimony or property division, then these things would be litigated in court. If this occurs, it is important to note that we are aggressive Tampa divorce litigation lawyers. With over 25 years of experience litigating divorce and other family law matters in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco County, FL, you can rest easy knowing we are committed to obtaining the very best outcome possible.

    Taking Control Over Your Divorce Process through a Collaborative Approach

    Couples with higher assets or high net worth may find the collaborative divorce process more discrete and less invasive than litigation. Divorcing without litigation is possible without entering into a collaborative divorce, but it can allow couples to have more control over their settlement. Additionally, if divorcing couples prefer and agree to divorce amicably, the collaborative approach is designed to help you do so. This alone can minimize stress not only during the divorce process, but it can also lead to improved communication and cooperation post divorce. This is especially helpful when minor children are involved.
    Starting Over Again – Should the Collaborative Approach Fail

    It’s uncommon, but if a collaborative divorce process fails and an impasse is reached in any areas that must be settled, you will have to start the divorce process over again. To be clear, in a traditional process, if mediation fails, you cannot go into litigation with the same lawyer. Again, it’s imperative to schedule a comprehensive divorce consultation that will help you to decide if this process is likely to fail or succeed. Every divorce is unique. We believe it is important to provide a variety of legal solutions, strategies and services to our clients that are best suited to for each.