Proof of Dissipation of Assets in a Tampa Bay Divorce

If you’re divorcing or considering divorce in Tampa Bay, you may be concerned about your spouse hiding marital assets or otherwise spending recklessly. Under Florida law, wasteful dissipation of assets refers to unjustified wasting of marital assets through unreasonable spending, gambling, gifts, unnecessary borrowing or excessive accumulation of debt and other uses unrelated to the marriage. This can include hiding assets.

Proving dissipation of assets in a Florida divorce takes the expertise of a skilled Tampa divorce attorney.  Our Tampa Bay family law attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in both litigating and negotiating  matters of equitable distribution  in contested divorces with over 25 years of experience in multiple family law jurisdictions in Tampa Bay.

Freezing Marital Assets in a Florida Divorce

Hiding assets, wasteful dissipation of assets, divorce. The abuse and dissipation of marital assets can be minimized and stopped if caught early. You’ve worked to build up your assets during your marriage and Florida Law entitles you to a fair distribution without interference or abuse. If you’re able to prove that your spouse is hiding assets, or if they’re spending recklessly prior to settling the financial aspects of a contested divorce, you may seek the courts’ powers to freeze assets or otherwise intervene.

Unequal Distribution of Assets Florida Divorce

Florida is an equitable distribution state. This means that a married couple’s accumulated marital property is divided in a fair and just manner.
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However, in addition to freezing assets while your divorce is being settled, you may be awarded a more equitable and fair (unequal) distribution of marital assets if wasteful dissipation of assets is proven.  This means you could be awarded a higher percentage of your marital assets by means of either a marital settlement agreement or divorce litigation. You’ve worked hard to build your marital assets and you are entitled to a fair distribution without abuse or interference.

Under Section 61.075, Florida Statutes, the court will equitably distribute marital assets and debts unless there is a justification for an unequal distribution based on all the relevant factors.

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