Property Division & the Marital Home

If you’re divorcing or anticipating a divorce in Tampa Bay, equitable distribution particularly in regards to the marital home may be of concern to you.  Many divorcing couples assume that there will be an equal (equitable 50/50 split) of property, including the marital home. This is generally true,  however,  there may several options that Attorney Sanchez can explore that may be applicable in your unique situation.

Whether you’re concerned about staying in your marital home with your minor children or the financial consequences of a 50/50 equitable split of your marital home, it may be possible to ask for temporary relief for exclusive use and to remain in your home. As with other aspects of your divorce that must be settled, Nilo J Sanchez & Associates may be able to negotiate a marital settlement agreement that would allow for the primary caregiver to keep the home indefinitely. Remaining in your home can help to reduce the stress that moving can create for you and your minor children when divorce occurs. If negotiations fail, however, Attorney Sanchez is a formidable divorce litigation lawyer and he will fight to ensure that your rights are protected and to ensure that your future is as secure and sound as possible.

Divorce Consultations Tampa Bay, FL

If you’re concerned about your marital home and the division of property in a contested Florida Divorce then you should consult with an experienced Tampa contested divorce attorney. Nilo J Sanchez & Associates has over two decades of experience in Florida Family Law. The attorneys at our Tampa family law firm represent clients who require the expertise of experienced contested divorce attorneys. Whether there is high conflict or high assets present, we have what it takes to provide you with focused and sound legal solutions and representation that is  in your best interest.  We accept family law and divorce cases in Hillsborough, Pasco and in Pinellas County, Florida.


Dividing the Marital Home in Florida Divorces

Litigating Property Division in Tampa Bay Divorces

Although most divorces are settled out of court through negotiations and mediation, litigation may be necessary. Hiring a Tampa divorce lawyer who has extensive litigation experience is a wise choice, particularly if  negotiations fail in full or in part. It is always a possibility that there may be unresolved issues that may have to be settled in trial. If this should happen in your case, you’ll want your lawyer to have the very best knowledge and experience.  This includes resolving the matter of property division and your marital home.

Attorney Sanchez has over two decades of experience negotiation marital settlement agreements as well as litigation experience in multiple jurisdictions in Tampa Bay. If the financial aspects of your divorce is coupled with high conflict or where high net worth is present, attorney Sanchez will consider all available options that will protect and accommodate you should conflicts arise during the divorce settlement process.

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