Supplemental Petition for Relocation of a Minor Child

If you’ve been served with a Supplemental Petition for Relocation of a Minor Child and wish to contest it, it is very important to note that relocation cases can be very difficult to navigate alone. If you do not answer the petition within the 20 days, it is possible that a default judgement will be entered without an evidentiary hearing and presumed that the relocation is in the child’s best interests. See Florida Child Custody Case Porras v. Porras.

If you do not wish to contest the relocation and you agree to the terms of the relocation, you may still wish to consult with a Tampa child custody attorney to ensure that your agreement is in yours and your child’s best interests.

Modifications of Custody and Timesharing in Tampa Bay

There are several things to consider in any child custody or timesharing modification. If you agree to the relocation or if the judge grants the petitioner permission to relocate, your parenting plan will change to a long distance parenting (timesharing).  In Florida, child support is based in part on the amount of timesharing each parent enjoys. If your ex will be moving in excess of  50 miles from the location stated on your final order causing your percentage of timesharing to be reduced, this may effect your child support obligation. It is important to understand all of the ramifications of a parental relocation, including how your financial situation may change. This can include the cost and time for travel to accommodate your timesharing and other costs.

“Hiring the very best child custody and parental relocation attorneys for you and your situation is one step you can take when you wish to contest any family law matter that may effect you or your minor children.”

Contesting a Supplemental Petition for Relocation with a Minor Child in Tampa Bay

After you have received a Supplemental Petition for Relocation with a Minor Child you will have 20 days to file your answers.  Your initial answers and objections that you file with the courts are very important. They should best reflect why relocating is not in the best interest of the children while abiding by the Florida rules of procedure.

Nilo J Sanchez & Associates represents clients in parental relocation and child custody cases filed in Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas County. If your case falls in any of these jurisdictions and you do not know where to begin, please call our office to schedule a consultation.

Filing Answers to a Petition for Relocation with a Minor Child

Your answers must include factual information that reflects the involvement and bond you have with your minor child and should include any other information that shows the courts that any reduction in timesharing could be detrimental to the bond that you have with your children as well as their bonds with school, community and extended family members. There are several other areas that may be addressed and your options and course of action will depend on your unique situation. To reiterate, it is not required to hire a Tampa parental relocation attorney, but it is highly recommended to consult with an experienced family law attorney in Florida parental relocation cases. For further information visit the links below.

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