Factors that Can Impact Florida Alimony Award Amounts

If you are divorcing, you may be concerned about how much alimony you might receive or have to pay. As a veteran Tampa divorce attorney, Nilo J. Sanchez knows that alimony is a major concern of couples who are divorcing in Tampa Bay. Whether you will be the recipient or the payee, negotiating the terms of alimony and getting it right the first time, is crucial to secure the best financial future. Modifying alimony after it is awarded can be complex. Therefore, hiring an Tampa Bay alimony attorney who has experience both negotiating and litigating complex alimony cases is paramount.

There are a few different types of alimony that can be awarded in Florida. Here, we’ll address some of the factors that may impact the amount of alimony a judge will award a spouse in a Florida divorce.

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types of alimony awards in florida divorce

Child Support & Alimony Determinations

If you are divorcing in Tampa Bay and have no minor children as in an over 50 divorce or a senior divorce, child support will clearly not be a factor when determining alimony. When minor children are present, child support will be considered. The courts can order a spouse to pay both child support and alimony.

Disabilities and Florida Alimony

When determining not only the type but the amount of alimony in a Florida divorce, the overall health of both parties will be considered. If either spouse is disabled, the judge must determine the type of alimony that is appropriate. The courts will also consider the amount of alimony based on a variety of factors that begin with the income and assets of both spouses. The judges also have flexibility awarding the type of alimony when spouses are disabled. For instance, if the recipient of alimony is permanently disabled, and receives minimal disability benefits, the courts may award permanent alimony rather than durational alimony even if durational alimony would have been a more standard and appropriate award. Disabilities with either spouse can add complexity to a divorce. It is highly recommended that you consult with an experienced Tampa divorce attorney who can provide legal solutions and representation that is focused on securing your financial future.

Florida Alimony and Standard of Living

When the courts determine the amount of an alimony payment, one factor that will influence the amount of the award is the couple’s prior standard of living. If the spouses cannot agree to an alimony award amount by way of negotiating a marital settlement agreement, the courts will examine the parties’ assets and other financials to determine standard of living or lifestyle during their marriage. Vacations, vehicles, property and even personal habits such as health, fitness and beauty regimens will be considered when determining standard of living. In long term marriages, this is particularly significant when determining the amount of alimony that will be awarded.

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