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Tampa alimony attorneyIn contested divorces and high asset divorces it is crucial to hire a focused, experienced Tampa Florida divorce lawyer.  Nilo J Sanchez has extensive knowledge of divorce and Florida alimony laws.

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Hiring a Tampa Alimony Attorney 

Alimony Concerns in Divorce & High Net Worth Divorces

Attorney Sanchez has over 25 years of experience in Florida family law which is highly beneficial in successfully representing divorcing couples who have alimony concerns. Modifications of alimony post divorce is possible, but it can be challenging. That’s why getting it right the first time is important.  Hiring an experienced Tampa alimony lawyer to represent you can be highly beneficial in helping you to meet your goals and to secure your future.

Consultation Tampa Family Law Attorney

For a consultation with Nilo J Sanchez & Associates, please call our Tampa Family Law Office at 813-879-4600. ” Nothing is More Important than Your Family.”

Alimony & Getting Your Divorce Settlement Right the First Time

Florida Alimony Reform and Your Divorce Settlement If you've been contemplating a divorce in Tampa Bay but you were waiting to see if the alimony laws in Florida would pass, wait no more. Read: FAQ Florida Alimony 2023 It has been several years now that Florida alimony reform groups sought to eliminate permanent alimony on [...]

Modifying Alimony in Tampa Bay

Alimony Modifications in Florida In Florida, most types of alimony are modifiable, however, you must show a substantial and permanent change in circumstances. Because of this, when divorcing in Florida, it's very important for your Tampa divorce lawyer to get it right the first time. Properly negotiating alimony through MSA’s or litigation is imperative to [...]

Impact Factors Florida Alimony Awards

Factors that Can Impact Florida Alimony Award Amounts If you are divorcing, you may be concerned about how much alimony you might receive or have to pay. As a veteran Tampa divorce attorney, Nilo J. Sanchez knows that alimony is a major concern of couples who are divorcing in Tampa Bay. Whether you will be [...]

Divorcing in Tampa Bay and New Federal Tax Code

2019 Federal Tax Code is in Effect for Divorcing Couples in Tampa Bay If you did not file for a divorce in 2018 you have missed the deadline to get a court order that secured a federal tax deduction on alimony payments. As of January 1, 2019, President Trump’s new tax code will abolish tax [...]

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Tax Implications When Divorcing in Florida

Tax Implications When Divorcing in Florida Many divorcing couples are surprised to discover the many tax implications that will apply in various aspects of their divorce. In particular, high net worth divorces are susceptible to difficult taxation matters. Understanding how taxes can be beneficial or detrimental when negotiating a marital settlement agreement is crucial. Hiring [...]