Putting a Divorce on Hold in Florida

In Florida, it is possible for divorcing couples to put their divorce on hold or “pause.” When one or both parties decide that they are not quite ready to permanently end their marriage, the law permits them to do so by filing a Motion to Abate. This typically puts a divorce proceeding on hold between 60 and 90 days.

As reported in the Tampa Bay Times, Jeff and Penny Vinik have filed an abatement to their divorce proceedings as they work on reconciliation. Jeff Vinik, is the owner of the Tampa Bay Lightening and along with wife Penny are one of Tampa Bay’s leaders in philanthropy.

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What Happens when the time is up?

After the allotted time period, the couple may decide to go forward with divorce proceedings or they may withdraw their petition altogether. This would be accomplished by filing a Motion to Voluntarily Dismiss. If the couple later decides to divorce after dismissing the case, they would have to start divorce proceedings from the beginning. If a couple wishes to go forward with their divorce after the time is up on the abatement, they would file a Motion to Continue. Remember, every situation is different. Divorcing can be a highly emotional time, even for couples who agree that their marriage is irretrievably broken. Hiring the best Tampa Divorce Attorney for you must be a well thought out decision that should always begin with a full and thorough consultation.

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